55th ASMR National Scientific Conference

29 August 2016

55th ASMR National Scientific Conference  

Next Generation Healthcare - Merging Biology and Technology
November 13-15 2016, Bond University, Gold Coast, QLD
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How will you help shape the future of healthcare?

In an economic environment where research funding is scarce, we all need to start “thinking outside the box” about how our individual research talents and ideas can contribute to innovative solutions to major health problems. By focussing on current and future health applications that fall at the cross-roads of biology and technology (e.g. ‘omics and precision medicine, tissue engineering and regeneration, nanotechnology, novel devices for treatment and monitoring), this year’s NSC will provide an environment for transdisciplinary interaction and exposure to ideas that transcend specific research fields. By building networks and collaborations beyond our own disciplines, and with a little creativity, we can carve our own unique career paths – join us at NSC 2016 to awaken your imagination and future-proof your career!

Abstracts will be accepted from all fields of health and medical research

Submit an abstract here before Friday 30th September 2016

Position yourself at the forefront of the healthcare revolution by asking the big questions: 
         What will healthcare look like in 10 years’ time?
         What is required to make personalised therapies and lifestyle interventions a reality?
         What is needed to be able to monitor responses to treatment in real-time?
         How can technology be better harnessed to deliver targeted drug therapy?
         How far are we from regenerating or replacing damaged tissues?
         How can technological innovation improve healthcare delivery to rural and remote communities?
Confirmed Speakers 

Firkin Orator Professor Alim-Louis Benabid

AWT Edwards Orator Professor Alan Trounson
National Invited Speakers 
Melissa Little, Frank Caruso, Jennifer Martin, Sanjoy Paul, Natalie Bradford 
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