High throughput electrophysiology platform

(2013) UQ Major Equipment and Infrastructure

Translating health discoveries into products

(2011–2015) Queensland Government Smart Futures Co-Investment Fund

Therapeutic Innovation Australia - Queensland node (Source of funds: EIF)

(2012–2013) UQ Major Equipment and Infrastructure

Development of chaperonin 10-based second generation biopharmaceuticals for treatment of inflammatory diseases

(2010–2013) ARC Linkage Projects

Novel polymeric microparticles for slow-release intrathecal delivery of analgesics

(2010–2013) ARC Linkage Projects

Development of high throughput in-vitro test methods for screening sensitization potential of industrial chemicals

(2010–2012) UQ Collaboration and Industry Engagement Fund

Alzheimer's disease: Novel MRI Biomarkers for Clinical Diagnosis and Translational Studies

(2009–2013) Queensland Government Smart State National and International Research Alliances Program

Cost effective acquisition of an LC-MS/MS system to support CIPDD organics analysis and preclinical and clinical operations

(2009–2010) UQ Major Equipment and Infrastructure

High content imaging analysis for bioactive and novel therapeutic target evaluation

(2009–2010) UQ Major Equipment and Infrastructure

Investigation of the relationship between cytokine levels and opioid analgesics in patients with chronic non-cancer pain receiving long term intrathecal opioid therapy for pain management

(2007–2008) Gallipoli Research Foundation

Novel therapeutic for treating painful diabetic neuropathy

(2007–2008) Diabetes Australia Research Trust

Systematic evaluation of whether in vitro methods can predict in vivo opioid analgesic efficacy, safety and tolerability

(2006–2009) ARC Linkage Projects

Investigation of whether a small dose of Oxycodone enhances the efficacy and/or tolerability of orally administered pregabalin in patients with either post-herpetic neuralgia (PHN) or painful diabetic

(2006–2007) Gallipoli Research Foundation

Advanced Cell Labelling and Imaging Facility

(2005–2006) ARC Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities

NHMRC_Equipment Grant = DSI Telemetry System

(2004–2005) NHMRC Equipment Grant

The analgesic evaluation of novel natural products from the Australian plant Barringtonia acutangula

(2004–2005) Griffith University

NHMRC_Equipment Grant_HLTH_Pharmacy

(2003–2004) NHMRC Equipment Grant

Malvern Zetasizer 3000HS

(2002–2003) NHMRC Equipment Grant

Lipid and liposaccharide based drug delivery systems

(2001–2004) Wellcome Trust

Pharmacological investigation of the toxicological effects of high doses of systemic morphine

(2001–2003) Queensland Cancer Fund

Prevention of chronic complications in the STZ-diabetic rat

(2001–2002) Mayne Bequest Fund

A biohazard laminar flow hood for neuronal cell cultures:partial cost recovery from emergency purchase

(2000–2001) Brain Research Fund

A novel liposaccharide based system for drug/peptide delivery

(1999–2002) Wellcome Trust

Efficacy of oxycodone for relief of neuropathic pain

(1999–2000) Pharmaceutical Society of Australia

Efficacy of oxycodone relative to morphine for the relief of neuropathic pain in rats

(1999–2000) Brain Research Fund

The use of fluorescence microscopy to investigate the role of the calcium pump in disease and the mechanism of excitatory side effects by high dose morphine

(1998–1999) Ramaciotti Foundation

M3G: Further Studies of its CNS Pharmacology

(1997–2000) NHMRC Project Grant

Further investigation of morphine 3-glucuronide's role in the dose-limiting excitatory side-effects of morphine administered chronically to cancer patients

(1997–1999) Queensland Cancer Fund

Functional characterisation of opioid binding sites in rat airways

(1995–1996) ARC Australian Research Council (Small grants)

Evaluating morphine for intra-articular analgesia in dogs using forceplate platform technology.

(1995) John & Mary Kibble Trust

Investigation of the CNS mechanisms involved in the excitatory side-effects of Morphine in cancer pain management

(1994–1997) Queensland Cancer Fund

Sustained release of novel injectable analgesic agents - a pharmacological evaluation in rats

(1994–1995) ARC Australian Research Council (Small grants)