The Centre for Integrated Preclinical Drug Development (CIPDD) in the Faculty of Medicine has state-of-the-art physical infrastructure located in NATA-accredited facilities on the St Lucia and Herston Campuses of The University of Queensland (UQ).

Our two main themes for research and training at the CIPDD are aimed at bringing innovation into the methods used for translational research, particularly in discovery-translation in the pain field, as well as bioanalysis in support of projects in collaboration with clinicians where the aim is to use the research outcomes to inform development of guidelines for improving patient care.  

Our research is funded by grants from competitive funding agencies such as the NHMRC, ARC Linkage, Therapeutic Innovation Australia, the Queensland Government and various not-for-profit organisations, usually in collaboration with Industry and academic partners.

Over the past decade at the CIPDD, we have developed a portfolio of 15 rodent pain models that mimic individual human pain conditions that are unique in Australia and rare internationally.  Our research using these models is two-fold, namely:

  • Investigation of between-model differences in pathophysiology to gain insight on differences in the pathobiology of individual human pain conditions
  • Efficacy profiling of new molecules from drug discovery programs that have the potential to be progressed into development as novel analgesics for human use

Members of our highly skilled CIPDD team advise/co-advise PhD, M Biotech, Honours and summer vacation research students working on projects within the afore-mentioned research themes (see list of our current and available research projects).

Apart from the fore-going, CIPDD scientists also undertake contract research in the pain field in collaboration with industry.  We also collaborate with scientists at UQ’s NATA-accredited (GLP and ISO17025) TetraQ Research Infrastructure Centre (TetraQ RIC), the mission of which is to undertake contract R&D studies in collaboration with various organisations in the biopharmaceutical sector.

CIPDD personnel also developed and deliver the BIOT7031 course entitled “Quality Systems in Biotechnology” into the Masters in Biotech program at UQ.